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Water Cooled Induction Sealing Machine


What is this for?
This machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, beverage, oil, daily chemical, and other industries and adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction heating, through non-contact induction heating, the aluminum foil instantly melts the adhesive layer of the sealing film at high temperature.
Induction sealing has fast sealing speed and good sealing performance, which is suitable for sealing bottles made of non-metallic materials such as plastic and glass.


Comes with: 

  • Touch Screen
  • Caster
  • Alarm Light 
  • E-Stop
  • Power Switch
  • Conveyor belt
  • Water tank
  • Pump
  • Hand Wheel Adjustable


Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz

Power: 3KW
Sealing diameter: 20-180mm
Sealing height: 20-400mm
Sealing speed: 6-18m/min
Cooling method: Water cooling

Machine Size: 680mmx570mmx1400mm

Water Cooled Induction Sealing Machine #45315

$13,020.00 Regular Price
$9,765.00Sale Price
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