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Customer Review Pro-Fill Inc

Pro Fill Equipment has done a wonderful job and their customer service goes above beyond. Their Piston Filler works so well we've built an infusion system for our cakes with it. They've even refurbished the filler for us in one day, the turnaround time was fantastic. We'll definitely purchase from them again down the road when we are ready. We have no need nor desire to work with anyone else but Pro Fill Equipment

Susan M. Katein

Katy Miller 2.jpg

We love Pro Fill Equipment. Not just because their products have helped our productivity and finances but because we truly feel connected to their customers and they sincerely root for our business. They have exceeded all of our expectations. Which is a big deal because we were a little afraid to take this next step and make this investment in our business. We made our investment back in 3 months. We are a tiny skin care company in the midwest. We usually scoop and pour everything by hand. The Jet 500 was a very expensive investment for our company to make, but was necessary for our growth. We have seen value every step of the way from this investment. We are bottling like superstars and our production space is so much cleaner. We can make so much more product now

Katy Miller


The granular pro 900 is a great time saver and works well for seasonings too. We at Master’s Hand BBQ use the jet 1000 for our sauces and the granular pro 900 for our seasonings, couldn’t ask for better products and services!

Joshua Beers

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