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Tube Sealer & Piston Filler Combo


What is this for?

This machine is used to fill and seal plastic tubes and other similar materials. Is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical, and many more industrial products.


Comes with: 

  • Piston Pump
  • Hopper
  • Fill Volume Adjustment Handle
  • Touch Screen & PLC
  • Adjustable Height Handles
  • Tube Sealer & Trimmer
  • E-Stop
  • Power Switch 
  • Sensor 
  • Tube Holder



  • Tube length: 10-250mm
  • Tube diameter: 10-50 mm
  • Filling range: 15-250ml
  • Requirements: 120v & Air compressor

Tube Sealer & Piston Filler Combo

$19,656.00 Regular Price
$14,938.56Sale Price
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