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24/7 Tech Support

Includes Live phone support, Live Electronic Support, Live video support via Skype & WhatsApp, Text message support, and Email support.



Claim process

The warranty holder must make a claim by email to the customer must provide as much information as possible and cooperate with the Pro-Fill's staff to find the best solution possible, if needed the customer may be asked to send in the equipment for inspection or service. If the manufacturer cannot fix a defective machine or part the warranty will replace the defective machine or part with a new one at no cost to the warranty holder. A new replacement claim can only be approved by a PRO-FILL INC certified technician only, with NO exceptions. The warranty does not cover onsite service calls, consumables, intentional damage, self-service damage, or return-shipping damage (please pack returns carefully) Customers are responsible for all shipping costs, Pro-Fill inc does not cover any shipping cost under any circumstances, the Shipping cost will not be refunded. Past due and/or Delinquent accounts will not receive support, No Exceptions!

Tech Support Only

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