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Siphon Hose Attachment / 6Ft 


What is this for? 

Remove your hopper and easily attach your Siphon hose to suck the product directly from your bucket or barrel for those big projects. 


Comes with:

  • Nipple x1
  • Worm Clamp x1  
  • Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Ribbed Nipple 
  • Adjustable Clamp 
  • Crush proof heavy duty hose with ribbed cage 6ft COBRA HOSE (size of your choice)



  • Small Hose (Inner Diameter= 20mm  / Outer Diameter= 27mm)
  • Medium Hose (Inner Diameter= 30mm  / Outer Diameter= 39mm)
  • Large Hose (Inner Diameter= 50mm  / Outer Diameter= 56mm)


This hose can handle 95Celsius = 203 fahreheit 

Siphon Hose Attachment

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