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Sachet & Weight Filler 6 Heads Combo


What is it for? 

This machine makes Sachet & Fills in 1 cycle. Very compact. This machine weights the product in grams and it's applicable to tea, food, grain, seed, fruit, granules, hardware, etc.
The machine is controlled by an intelligent computer, which makes the subpackage more accurate, fast and fully automatic.



  • Stainless steel
  • Power: 250W
  • Working voltage: 110v/50HZ
  • The subpackage range can be adjusted depending on the model
  • Packing accuracy:+/-0.2g details depend on material
  • Split packing speed: 0-60 small bags/min 
  • Applicable range: each head 25g max


Packing information:

  • Machine size: 71x80x190cm
  • Weight: 125KG

Sachet & Weight Filler 6 Heads Combo #42956

$12,600.00 Regular Price
$9,576.00Sale Price
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