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Round Label  PRO Automatic #34364 Rental 


We offer our machine rental service for 30 days.  The rental price is per 30 Days.


* There will be an extra cost for the parts and consumables that the machine will use *


What is it for?

This round bottle labeling machine is used for various glass, plastic, and metal bottle labeling. It also reads color labels only. (IT DOES NOT READ CLEAR/TRANSPARENT LABELS! YOU MUST PURCHASE OUR SPECIAL SENSOR TO DO BOTH COLOR & CLEAR/TRANSPARENT LABELS!)  


Comes with:

  • Backing Sheet Disk
  • Bottle Sensor
  • Bottle Separating Wheel
  • Bottle Stop
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Conveyor Belt Motor
  • Fully Automatic Label Machine
  • Guide Rod
  • Label Sensor
  • Label Supply Disk
  • Pressing Wheel Belt 
  • Sponge Conveyor
  • Touch Screen Controller 
  • User manual via email



  • Accuracy: ±1mm
  • Can connect to IN LINE operation
  • Labels size:  Height 10-140mm / Length10-300mm 
  • Max label roll size: Diameter 350mm / Inner diameter 76mm 
  • Power: <1KW / 305w
  • Speed: 50-100pcs/min 
  • Voltage: single phase:110v or AC220V 50/60Hz 

Round Label PRO Automatic #34364 Rental

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