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Pneumatic Cylinder Seal

High quality products. Get better performance for your Piston Fillers. 

Replacement Gaskets.


Model & Specs:

Material and color may vary= Viton/Rubber

  • Size (A) = ID9.5xOD13.5xT3.5 mm
  • Size (B) = ID15xOD24xT7 mm
  • Size (C) = ID17xOD27.5xT7 mm
  • Size (D) = ID20xOD30xT10.7 mm
  • Size (E) = ID24xOD37xT11 mm
  • Size (F)= ID20xOD40xT10x1 mm
  • Size (G)= ID20xOD40xT10x2 mm
  • Size(H)= ID20xOD40xT10x3 mm
  • Size (I)= ID20xOD40xT10x4 mm
  • Size (J)= OD-70xID58-T14 mm


Pneumatic Cylinder Seal (Viton/Rubber)

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