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Piston Filler Nipple Dropper Lid Loader Capper Automatic Line


Condition: Slightly Used like new.


What is it for? 

This Fully Automatic Machine does it all. First, you dump all your bottles onto the bottle sorting tank, the tank sorts the bottles into upright postion, then feeds them into a conveyor that is connected to a rotary table that feeds the bottles into the first labor starion. The first station fills the bottles with a  Double headed piston fillers. The piston filler can draw product from a drum, barelle or a 13 Gallon hopper that is included, the rotary table then moves the filled bottles over to the dropper/nozzle inserting station. This station has a vibrationg hopper where you can dump a box full of droppers, the droppers are the organized into an upright position and fed into the loading station, a robotic arm inserts the droper onto each bottle. The botle then moves on to the cap loading station, this station also has a vibrating hopper were you can dump a box full off lids, the machine vibrates the lids into an upright position the guides them into position, a robotic arm then drops 1 lid on each bottle.  The bottles then move on to the cap tightening station were a robotic arm tightens the cap lid tight to complete a full cycle, the bottles are then ejected back onto the conveyor for the packing process. Each sttion can be asily adjusted to your specific needs. This purchase inclues user manuals and tutorial videos to have you and your team up and runing in no time. This machine removes a total of 6 humans from your line saving you thousands of dollars. This machine is always ready to work and never call out sick. 


Come with:

Bottle unscrambler and loading machine with extra tooling for diffrent sized bottles.

Conveyor with rotary table with extra tooling for diffrent sized bottles.

Double Headed Piston Filler Station with suction hose and 13G Hopper

Nozzle Loading Station with vibrating hopper sorting machine.

Cap/Lid loading station with vibrating hopper sorting machine.

Cap tightening station. 

Touch screen control pannel easy set up.

User manual PDF

Tutorial Set up Videos

Live training 3hrs

1 Year Tech support warranty.

30 Day Manufacturers warranty.

Delivery and istallation available. 



Power supply: 120 or 220V, single phase, 50/60 hz

Power: 3.5KW

Air pressure: 0.4—0.5MPa

Filling method: Piston pump filling Error: ±1%

Capping accuracy: 99%

Dimension: 2200*1600*1580mm

Driver: servo motor Caps feeding method: vibrator


$20,000 Cash Price

Piston Filler, Nozzle Dropper, Lid Loader, bottle loader, Caper, Automatic Line

$80,000.00 Regular Price
$20,900.00Sale Price
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