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Peristaltic Filler 4x1000 Automatic Table Top  #35095


This machine fills Liquids, Oils, Hand sanitizer, Light Gel, Light Lotions. This machine can fill up to 1 gallon.


Comes with:

  • 4 Heads Filler
  • Adjustable Height Wheel 
  • Conveyor plastic 
  • E-Stop Switch
  • FDA Approved Silicone Hoses
  • Guide rails
  • On/Off Switch 
  • Piston Gate 
  • Power Switch 
  • Power Cable 
  • PSI FIlter



  • Filling range: 1-1000ml (can be customized)
  • Filling speed: 20-120BPM ( depends on the bottle size)
  • Fills: Liquids, Oils, Hand sanitizer, Light Gel’s, Light Lotions 
  • Filling accuracy: 98-99% (depends on the material)
  • Machine size: 57" x34" X17"
  • Power: 110v/200W/ 2.5kw
  • Weight: 40kg

Automatic Peristaltic Filler 4x1000 Table Top #35095

$9,030.00 Regular Price
$6,862.80Sale Price
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