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Magnetic Induction Sealer W-Stand #34630


What is it for?

Air-Cooled Continuous Electromagnetic (Induction Sealing Machine)


  • This machine can seal medicine, pesticide, grease, subsidiary foodstuff, health product, beverage, cosmetics, chemical, and other industries for high-quality airtight sealing of plastic, glass and other non-metallic bottles, so as to improve product quality level.
  • The sealing range of the machine is adjustable, and with either large or small sealing surface, it can get the ideal sealing quality and efficiency.
  • User manual via email



  •  Input voltage: AC220V±10%, 50Hz
  • Input voltage: <10A
  • Sealing current: Static<2A Dynamic<10A
  • Operating frequency: 70~80KHz
  • Output power: ≤2000W
  • Enclosure protection class: IP2 I
  • Sealing diameter: Φ20mm~Φ130mm (Optimal diameter: Φ30mm~Φ120mm)
  • Bottles height: 40~400mm
  • Transportation diameter: ≤Φ200mm
  • Sealing speed: 2 to 12 m/min (bottle size, material, and sealing membrane) 
  • Conveyor unit bearing load: ≤ 20Kg


Packaging Information:

  • External dimensions: 155cm×55cm×135cm
  • Net weight: 70Kg.

Automatic Magnetic Induction Sealer W-Stand #34630

$8,610.00 Regular Price
$6,457.50Sale Price
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