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Magnetic Induction Seal Table Top #34623


What is it for? 

This machine can seal medicine, pesticide, health-care, cosmetics, chemicals, and other high-quality air sealing for plastic, glass, and other non-metal bottles.


The manufacturing cost and the size of the machine

  • Improve the stability of the equipment and reduce the using cost and repair cost
  • Improve the working efficiency and reducing the price of the equipment
  • Fulfill the design requirement of high quality and low prices
  • User manaul via email



  • Main technical parameters Input power:AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz
  • Input current:<10A
  • Output power:static state <2A dynamic state <7A
  • Working frequency:75-85KHz
  • Output power:≤1800W
  • Enclosure protection grade:IP21
  • Sealing diameter:Φ20mm~Φ80mm
  • Height of the bottle:40~300mm
  • Sealing speed:3-10m/min (electric step-less speed regulating)

(Note: The speed differs according to the size and material of the sealing object. Using the polythene bottle 33mm, height 38mm as the proof is 250p/min)

  • Bearing load of the transportation station:≤20Kg Size:910 X 400 X 500mm
  • Weight of the whole machine:60Kg

Automatic Magnetic Induction Sealer Table Top #34623

$4,200.00 Regular Price
$3,150.00Sale Price
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