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Heated Hopper x2 H.E. #35170


What is it for? 

This attachment will keep your product hot at all times while being in production. (Ex: Chapstick, hot sauce, chocolate fudge, & a lot more)

(Keeps it warm at 95 degrees Celsius = 203 degrees Fahrenheit)


Comes with: 

  • 13 Gallon Stainless Steel (Piston Filler NOT INCLUDED)
  • Control Box
  • Water Lever Guide
  • Temp Probe
  • x2 Heating Elements for faster heating
  • Hot Water Out
  • 120v or 220v (1phase/ 20amp)
  • Add distilled water In outer layer / Heated Jacket
  • User manual via email

Heated Hopper x2 Heating Elements

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