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Hand-Held S.O.A Dispenser


What is it for?

This attachment is for moving the dispenser manually to each container if the containers are in a tray or box.



Fits On Jet Models Only 60-100 PSI.


Choose Shut Off Attachment Size:

Shut off attachment #1 (16mm- Outer Diameter) 

Shut off attachment #2 (25mm- Outer Diameter)


Shut Off Attachments come with:

  • Pneumatic Box 
  • Speed Valves (x2)
  • Blue V-Gasket
  • Spout
  • Assembly Screws
  • Disk
  • Nut
  • Spacers
  • Threaded Rod


(Siphon Hose Not Included, Please select size):

Crushproof heavy duty hose with ribbed cage

  • Small Hose (Inner Diameter= 20mm  / Outer Diameter= 27mm) 5Ft
  • Medium Hose (Inner Diameter= 30mm  / Outer Diameter= 39mm) 5Ft
  • Large Hose (Inner Diameter= 50mm  / Outer Diameter= 56mm) 5Ft

Hand Held S.O.A. Dispenser

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