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Weight Filler Pro-50 #34593


What is it for?

This machine weights your product in grams. It can do glitter, coffee, pills, salt, nuts, sugar and more.


Comes with: 

  • Easy Computer Operation
  • 3 Speed Adjustments, Self Clean Feature
  • Stainless Steel Removable Hopper x1
  • Object Sensor (No Bag, No fill)

(Foot Switch Available, Not included with purchase)

  • User manual via email


Not Included (Custom Slide):

  • Additional Charge (Select Size)

This attachment is perfect for small orifice bags and containers. 

  • A Foot switch is required.



  • Packing speed: 10-25 per min
  • Making 600 bags/hour (depending on different materials and different loading weight)
  • Scope of application: particles in general (tea, seeds, fruit, preserved fruit, grain and other chemical medicine, micro components such as general non-viscous solid material, grain diameter 1.2mm-10mm)
  • Electric making source: 110V ą 10% 50HZ
  • Work rate: 15W
  • Packing weight: 3G-50G
  • Packing precision: 0-0.3G (depending on the materials)


Packaging Information:

  • Weight Capacity: 10KG
  • Dimensions: 38 x 32 x 52cm

Weight Filler Pro-50 #34593

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