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Weight Filler Pro-2500 #34616


What is it for?

This machine weights your product in grams. It can do glitter, coffee, pills, salt, nuts, sugar and more.


Comes with:

(Self Stand)

  • Easy Computer Operation 
  • Fills Powders, Granule, Dry NON STICK! Foods.
  • S.S. Removable Hopper
  • Foot Pedal
  • Speed Adjustment Feature
  • Fill Counter
  • Self Clean Feature
  • User manual via email


Specs/ Parameters:

Filling range:2-2500 g (adjustable) 

Voltage: 220v 110v 

Power: 200w 

Precision: 2g (details depend on products)

Speed: 5-15 per minute


Packaging Information:

Size: 1330mmx380mmx660mm 

Weight: 60Kg 

Weight Filler Pro-2500 #34616

$2,520.00 Regular Price
$1,915.20Sale Price
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