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Flat Labeler - Automatic Table Top  #34678


What is it for?

This flat label machine only reads color labels ( IT'S DOES NOT READ CLEAR or TRANSPARENT LABELS!) This machine is for flat surfaces only.


Comes with:

  • Auto Start
  • Adjustable Hand Wheel 
  • Belt speed controller
  • Bottle Sensor 
  • Conveyor Belt 
  • Conveyor Guide Rails x2
  • Conveyor Motor
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • E-Stop Button 
  • Handheld Wheel to adjust the height
  • Label roll holder
  • Label Moving Motor
  • Label backing sheet holder (Recycle)
  • Start Button
  • Touch Screen
  • User manual via email



  • Labeling accuracy: ±1.0mm
  • Labeling capacity: 0-25m/pcs/min
  • Label size: (L)20-300mm (H)10-140mm
  • Material size: 30-100mm (H)20-200mm
  • Power supply: AC220V 50Hz/60Hz 1200W
  • Roll inside: 76mm
  • Roll outside diameter: 350mm

Packing Information:

  • Machine size: (L)2000*(W)900*(H)1500(mm)

Automatic Flat Labeling Machine - Table Top #34678

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