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We offer finance options via PayPal, Archer Capital, Slim Capital and other third parties. 

If no one finances you, Pro-Fill Inc will. 


Finance Slim Capital
Our loans range anywhere from $25,000 - $3,000,000Programs for Owner/Operators • A minimum of 2 years experience/time in business. • A minimum fleet of 1 power unit. • FICO: 620+ • Max amount financed: $250,000.00 OVER-THE-ROAD PROGRAMS Tier I Credits • A minimum of 5 years time in business. • FICO: 720+ • Paynet: 650+ • 60% revolving credit available. • Max amount financed: $250,000.00 Tier II Credits • A minimum of 2 years time in business. • FICO: 680+ • Paynet: 640+ • 5% down payment required. • 50% revolving credit available. • Max amount financed: $250,000.00






Finance Archer Capital
Equipment Financing is Fast Archer Capital can have credit decisions for you in as little as an hour. Traditional banks can take weeks. If you’re looking to move fast on opportunities, you need to be speaking to us! Leasing is Flexible.
Your dedicated Archer Capital representative can design a lease to meet your equipment financing needs. We have options for short-term 12 months to long terms 72 months*, Seasonal payments*, 90 days deferred*, and much more. Ask your representative for more details. Low-Cost Leases are typically cheaper than loans. Also, most leases require only the first and/or last payment upfront with no (or minimal) security deposit. Non equipment costs such as freight, installation, warranties, and training are covered for both new and used equipment.


Every transaction no matter how big or small is important to you and we treat you that way. We employ the latest technology: VOIP, email, and text. Our commitment is to answer any question, at any time and treat every customer with care and respect. ALWAYS.

 Archer Capital maintains a stellar reputation with the companies we work with. They know that we stand behind everything we do and they make exceptions for us. Our history and experience working closely with banks mean better approvals for you.

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Finance Options

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