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Bag Sorting Conveyor


What is this for?
This machine is mainly used for automatic paging of sheet products of various thicknesses and various materials, including scraps of paper, name cards, labels, cards of various materials, telephone cards, IC cards, IP cards, game rechargeable cards, plastic composite packaging bag, paper box pieces, paper bag, etc.
It can separate a pad of sheet products into independent pieces, and convey them by the belt, thus letting the mini inkjet printer machine to spray code piece by piece or for other uses. 


Comes with: 

  • Conveyor Belt Black 
  • Pressing Rolls
  • Pressing Board 
  • Stainless steel stands
  • Guide Board 
  • -E-Stop Button
  • Speed Controller
  • Adjustable legs 



  • This machine is designed as a single-phase AC 220V (can use transformer if using 110V power)
  • Conveying speed range: 20-50Hz
  • Applicable product range: length: 70-320mm adjustable
  • Thickness: 0.02-5mm adjustable
  • Width: 80-280mm adjustable
  • Rated voltage: 220V/50Hz (can use transformer if using 110V power)
  • Machine power: 200W

Bag Sorting Conveyor #42840

$5,040.00 Regular Price
$3,780.00Sale Price
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