• Transfer Belt  (On its own stand) 


    What is it for? 

    This machine can be used for transfer/move the bottle from one side to the other side. It can also be used on an auto line for moving bottles between two auto machines such as filling machines, capping machines or labeling machines. It also can be used for any other purpose, as the need to transfer products which need to be hanging.


     Comes with:

    • 100v or 220v
    • Power Cable
    • Motors (x2) 
    • Speed Control Box (x2) (adjustable)
    • Adjustable Height Wheel
    • Adjustable Width Wheel
    • Caster (x4)
    • User manual via email


    • Speed can max 60 pcs/min.
    • Power supply: 110V , 50HZ , 240W


    Packaging Info:

    • Machine size: 110×80×180mm
    • Machine weight: 198Lbs

    Transfer Belt