SSCFR (Stainless Steel Conveyor Forward & Reverse)

What is it for?

This conveyor is to transfer the product from one side to the other side. 


Models Available:

SSCFR 58in x12in #080101034548

SSCFR 120in x12in#080101034555

SSCFR 240in x12in#080101034562


All Conveyors Comes With:

  • Frame Width = 14" / Belt Width= 12"
  • On/Off Switch
  • Food Grade Belt (2 Options = White Or Black)
  • Belt Tension Adjustment
  • Extra-long 120 or 220v Cable
  • Speed Control Box (Frw-N-Rev Option)
  • Height Adjustable Legs

*(Caster are available, Please select conveyor parts & Consumables)

  • Conveyor Motor 110v

*Induction Motor 60w 110v,1.3A 20uf AC 50hz 90-1350r/min

  • User manual via email


Conveyor 5Ft #080101034548 Conveyor 10Ft#080101034555 Conveyor 20Ft#080101034562

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