Siphon Hose Attachment / 6Ft 


What is this for? 

Remove your hopper and easily attach your Siphon hose attachment to suck the product directly from your bucket or barrel for those big projects. 


Comes with: Nipple x1 & Worm Clamp x1 & Hosex1 Options: (Small, Medium & Large) 

  • Small Hose (Inner Diameter= 20mm  / Outer Diameter= 27mm)
  • Medium Hose (Inner Diameter= 30mm  / Outer Diameter= 39mm)
  • Large Hose (Inner Diameter= 50mm  / Outer Diameter= 56mm)
  • Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Ribbed Nipple 
  • Adjustable Clamp 
  • 6ft COBRA HOSE
  • Crush proof heavy duty hose with ribbed cage

Siphon Hose Attachment

Choose what size of hose