• Round Label Machine Semi-Auto #34333


    What is it for? 

    This equipment is for semi-automatic labeling of household chemicals, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and any other round objects. This machine is suitable for round bottles of various sizes such as; containers, jars, plastics &, etc.  

    (Lot Code Printer Optional at Extra Cost $$)


    Comes with: 

    • Pressure Bottle Arm
    • Bottle Holding Rollers
    • Stripping board
    • Transition Roller
    • Soft Roller
    • Lever
    • Sensor
    • Paper Tray
    • Power Grid
    • Fuse
    • Tool Kit
    • User manual via email



    • Feeding Speed 3-20 labels m/min
    • Label Bottle Diameter: 12-90mm
    • Power: 50W/ 110v
    • Labeling Accuracy 0.5mm
    • Minimum Label Length 10mm labels m/min


    Packaging Information:

    • Dimensions: 640x350x460mm
    • Weight: 35kg

    Round Label Machine Semi-Auto #34333