PSI Filter And Oil Regulator -Fits Jets & ASP

This air filter removes moisture and solid particulates from airlines, extending the life of your air tools 40-micron particle filtration. This mini air tool filter has a durable polycarbonate reservoir to withstand heavy or daily use. Removes excess water and dirt particles from airlines 60 CFM at 100 PSI maximum flow capacity Manual drain Durable polycarbonate reservoir

PSI Filter and Air Regulator 

On the PSI Filter and Air Regular is where you connect the Air Compressor. PSI Regulator sets the amount of the pressure that your machine will operate. We recommend between 30PSI and 60PSI depending on the thickness of your product. This regulator combo comes with a moisture filter very important for a clean air supply and oil regulator add oil once every 3-6 months. 

Hand slide Quick Air Release Valve 

This feature is extremely helpful when you want to switch out different products quickly. Hand Slide Valve releases air out of your machine so that you can clean up and set up for the next product without having to disconnect and reconnect your compressor airline.Simply slide back to remove air pressure then slide forward to re apply air pressure. 
Specifications Housing material Polycarbonate Maximum pressure

  • (PSI) 135 PSI Temperature range
  • (deg F) 41° to 140°
  • Fahrenheit Working pressure
  • (PSI) 135 PSI Air inlet size 1/4 in. - 18 NPT
  • Product Weight 0.3 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight 0.30 lb.


PSI Filter And Oil Regulator- Fits Jets & ASP

Psi Filter