Fully Automatic Piston Filler/ Filling Machine (4 Head) Air & Electric JET-PRO 4x1000 #080101034975

What is it for?

This machine can fill liquids, gel, lotion, oil, E-liquid, paste, scrubs, dough, peanut butter, honey, cosmetics, paint, glue, pharmaceutical, foods for example food dressing, seasonings and a lot more.


Comes with:

  • Full Stainless Steel Conveyor
  • Siphon Hose Attachment x 4
  • Stainless Steel Conveyor w/speed x 4
  • Infrared Gate System
  • PSI Filter & Oil Regulator 
  • 4 x Nozzle (Your choice or recommended by a professional technician)
  • Touch Screen Control panel Can Customize Automation
  • Full Cover warranty



  • Fills 100 ml to 1000 ml
  • Fills (5-45 per min)


JET-PRO 4x1000 #080101034975