Induction Sealers (Hand-Held) #080101034647

What is it for? 

Is a manual electromagnetic induction sealer that is suitable for containers such as plastic bottles or glass bottles. Recommended for packaging of food, and/or the beverage industries and pharmaceutical products. It's easy to use by place sealing wand over the cap and press the button. A digital timer ensures accurate sealing.


Comes with:

  • Manual (Hand-Held)
  • Sealing Time 
  • Counter
  • Reset
  • On/Off Switch
  • 120v Power Cord
  • Tool Kit
  • User Manual via email



  • Seals 0-10 Seals Per Min
  • Seal Diameter =5-40mm
  • Count Range -9999


Packaging information: 

  • Dimensions: 260x345x165

Induction Sealers (Hand-Held) #080101034647

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