Hydraulic Cart Attachment 

What is it for? 

This moveable, hydraulic table cart can position and raise your workpiece up to 34-1/2 in. by simply pumping on the foot pedal to the desired height. Features include a hand lever to safely lower your items and two locking swivel casters to ensure stability once the table cart is shifted into position.


Comes with: 

  • Great attachment for JET & ASP Piston fillers.
  • Foot-operated hydraulic pedal keeps your hands free.
  • Hand lever for easy, controlled hydraulic release.
  • Heavy-duty oil- resistant non-slip rubber mat. 
  • Two locking swivel casters 
  • All steel construction


Packaging information: 

  • Platform length (in.) 32 in.
  • Platform width (in.) 20 in. 
  • Caster size (in. ) 5 in.
  • Maximum Lift Height (in.)34-1/2 in 
  • Product length: 37 in. 
  • Product width: 19-1/2 in
  • Weight: 161 LBS 

Hydraulic Cart

$1,375.50 Regular Price
$917.00Sale Price