• Flat Label Pro 1-S #34371


    What is it for?

    This fully automatic label machine puts the label on a flat surface. It can be on the top, bottom, or side as long as the surface is flat. 


    Comes with:

    • Adjustable Legs
    • Brush
    • Conveyor 
    • Conveyor Motor
    • Electric Box
    • Hand Wheel (Up & Down)
    • Hand Wheel (Left & Right) 
    • Label Pulling System
    • Label Roll
    • Lable Sensor
    • Label Guide Rail
    • Label Recycle System
    • Motor 
    • Power On/Off
    • Touch Screen
    • Up & Down System
    • User manual via email



    • Applicable label range: high10-100mm / Length: 10-300mm
    • Labeling accuracy: ±1mm
    • Label roll inner diameter: 76mm
    • Labeling Speed: MAX 200 pcs/ min (depending on the length of the label and the size of the object to be attached) 
    • Maximum label supply: out diameter 350mm
    • Power Consumption :<1KW
    • Voltage Specification: Single Phase (AC110v or 220v 50/60hz)

    Flat Label Pro 1-S #34371