• Low Noise & Oilless Air Compressor FT-27Gal

    27Gallon Tank  Specs:#35088


    What is it for? 

    These Air Compressors is an oil-free, users do not need to add any oil. It is suitable for any equipment that needs to be clean and low noise air source.


    Comes With:

    • 27-GAL Tank
    • Flat Free Tires
    • Roll Cage 
    • Metal Control Panel
    • Pressure Control
    • Oil-Less Motor
    • DSHA Compliant
    • Ball Drain Valve
    • User manual via email



    • 200 PSI 
    • 5.1 CFM
    • 78DBA
    • 120V

    Air Compressors / Low Noise FT-27Gal #35088