Mixing Hopper 13 Gallon 

What is it for?

This attachment will be mixing your product while being in production. (For ex: tea, salad vinegar, and a lot more.) 


Comes with:

  • 13 Gallon Stirring Hopper (2.5' clamp / 64mm)
  • Motor 120v 
  • Stainless Steel, Double Arm Mixing Paddle (40cm Diameter) 
  • Speed Adjustment Module (0-200 r/ min) 
  • 2.5 S.S. Butterfly Clamp (with Silicone gasket) 
  • 6 x Motor Mount Screws 
  • Extra Long 120v Power Cable 
  • L Installation Tool 
  • User manual via email

(This hopper fits any piston filler with 2.5' /64 mm - Clamp) 

Mixing Hopper #1